Marcos Barraza, better known as “Tarik “the Main Brain” was born on January 7th, 1984 in Panama. Singer and composer, he is well-known in the urban music genre.

His career started when he was 13 years old when inspired by a rhyme he began to write his first composition and transform it into his first song. It is then that he discovered his passion for music and for performing.

Tarik’s journey began by working side by side with a group of Panamanian artists of urban music. His first single, “No me den talk” was released and after great dedication he now bring us “Criminal,” a hit in Panama City and virtually an anthem in the state of Colon. This production was achieved under the production of Calirto Mix and K4G. Tarik’s artistic talent is further shown through his first professional video, set to “Criminal.”

Tarik the Main Brain has recorded with well-known Panamanian artists such as Mr. Saik with whom he recorded “La Loca.” “Pram Pram” was recorded with Latin Fresh and “Capitana de la Disco” was a joint production with Comando Tiburon and RD Maravilla. Mach & Daddy and Jhonny D both collaborated with “Hola Muchacha” and many others such as Lorna, Mr. Fox, Jimmy Bad Boy, Freddy Sky and Japaneese also joined Tarik in his musical journey.

After some success, Tarik the Main Brain makes Event Music Records his production home and records tunes such as Giansta de Papel, Subete a mi Nave, Nada sin tu Amor, Donde esta Usted, Yo era de Esos, Click Click, Bobon, La Loca y La Guial de la Foto. It is precisely this last song that becomes the official song of the 2011 Carnavales due to its clear depiction of everyday life and a welcoming international community.

Still as a very young artist he had the opportunity to travel to the United States where he becomes addicted to rap, R&B and hip- hop. He has had the opportunity to proudly represent his native Panama by performing alongside influential musicians such as Daddy Yankee and Don Omar.

Following his international success he has the opportunity to record “Para mi es Mejor” with a Venezuelan producer and then with Mr. Pomps, a renowned Colombian producer for a popular theme promoted in Colombia and Panama.

Most know Tarik as an accomplished artist and songwriter, but along with this passion for music he is a successful businessman. Through T&M Swag he devotes himself to the creation of sneakers, hats and other sports apparel.

The author of the hit “La Guial de la Foto” captures the hearts of thousands of fans from around the world. He is grateful to each and everyone of them for their support and for allowing him the joy of continuing to share the music in his heart. Through them, and through WowMusic he is now poised to share even more of his talent with the international community.